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Welcome to the United Earth Wiki!

Here you can find all the information about what the UE pioneering team have gathered and co-created so far, as well as more personal information about how we have been operating behind the scenes until now. All you find and read on the website and in this wiki is intended purely is a foundation, a starting point, a framework for what will become our collectively co-created platform for our global transition. By using the wiki format we are providing the medium for the entire UE community to develop and refine what has been expressed.

To guide our organisational structures, collective projects and decision-making we intend to use innovative tools such as Non-violent Communication, Sociocracy 3.0, Dragon Dreaming and Direct Democracy. In light of United Earth's commitment to equality and transparency, we will soon be installing on our (and your) website an application to facilitate our collective and group decision-making through an open and participatory democratic process.

Additionally you are invited to use the feedback window in your personal sign up to share your ideas, skills and insight as to how we can improve and promote this platform for intentional unification and conscious collaboration for a citizen-led, whole-systems cultural transformation! Yeah!

A Brief History of United Earth

May 2015

Three groups find each other on the Internet, instantly recognising they share a similar vision of global unity and collaboration:

- COM21 - the Conference of the Movements (under a banner called "United Earth") will take place in Paris at the same time as the COP21 as a parallel event "of The People" aiming to gather all movements of environmental protection and social change to promote community solutions for Climate Change.

- - A local group in Dortmund, Germany, connecting people looking for alternative ways of living, welcoming everybody within their circle of authentic communication and focusing on helping people to make conscious decisions based on love instead of fear.

- The Great Unification - A platform for the global unification and collaboration among all people and groups creating and more beautiful world for the purpose of attracting world-wide attention to the existing intelligent and alternative political and economic models, ecological solutions and social innovations.

We begin inviting like-minded groups to join the conversation.


The informal alliance grows to include five other initiatives:

- The Full Circle Project - An active hub for people to unite a diverse range of local cooperative initiatives from around the globe with a principle aim: to bring mankind Full Circle into their natural state of abundance.

- Stop Reset Go - A holistic framework consisting of complimentary digital tools that will help bring together the countless amazing but highly fragmented movements, change agents and organizations already out there doing amazing work.

- Indigenous Peoples United Nations - A global platform for uniting all indigenous people of Earth to promote and preserve Indigenous Culture, Lands, Rights, Knowledge & Wisdom. They are organising a global event on June 26 to sign and declare the Indigenous Peoples United Nations Charter.

- The New World Agreement - A Platform by which all people of the world can agree to a NEW PARADIGM of cooperation, and abundance for all life.

- Inspiring Transition - An informal collaborative for inspiring mainstream commitment to doing everything required to become ecologically sustainable (and socially healthy; they go together). We inspire this commitment by helping people connect the dots and think for themselves.

- The Freeworld Charter - A statement of principles that has the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate poverty and greed, and advance progress.

We all agree that the vision of global collaboration towards a whole-systems cultural transformation is a vision that is already shared and being worked on by numerous people, groups, organisations and networks. At the same time we also recognise the need for a truly inclusive and practical framework and platform to facilitate this vision into manifestation. We begin to lay out a basic framework for United Earth. The name, at this stage, was used as a convenience. We also began to explore other possible names.

Read relevant e-mails HERE


We recognise the need to attract more co-creators and to invite feedback with regards to our name, the tagline, the logo etc. To make the process of co-creating this platform as inclusive and transparent as possible we decide to create a [survey / feedback form. This idea quickly evolves into the co-creation of a simple landing-page. Through ongoing email discussion a core team begins to form of about six people, while about 13 people take a more passive role as observers, providing occasional feedback. We connect with Noomap and instantly form a close connection, recognising the power and potential of their creation. Since we are all men in the core group we do our best to attract women!


We agree to do a "contained" launch for the landing page, meaning we put a password on it. This was mainly to prevent copyright issues for the video (that we decided to make only two weeks before the launch! And yes, we need to make a new one as soon as possible.) and also because of the rudimentary nature of the landing-page we decided to just share it with our personal networks. The landing-page with the feedback form was launched on August 26th, 2015. Only days after one member was invited to attend the UN Solutions Summit in September. We quickly prepare a comprehensive application just before the dead-line.


Due to the UN application we are compelled to do the public launch before the Summit. We begin gathering and integrating the feedback. We choose September 23rd, the equinox, as the launch date. Even though the application is rejected and we have plenty of work outstanding, thanks to fresh female energy- including a Grandmother from an Indigenous Elders group - we still decide to go ahead with the equinox launch, although we make it a "soft" launch. After much debate but mainly due to translation complications we decide on reducing the name to simply "United Earth".

Here & Now

Our budding alliance already represents a wide variety of groups and movements within the world-wide movement of social change (also called The Blessed Unrest, Cultural Creatives, The Awakening Collective, The Next Culture, The Imaginal Cells... ).

Our collective intention is to continue co-creating this platform by openly inviting equal collaboration and by finding and building on that which we all agree upon. Our shared values- such as equality, trust, humility, harmony, transparency, authenticity and courage- are brought into practice by how we communicate and cooperate together. We see all our microcosmic interactions and co-creations as a holographic reflection of how we envision the macrocosmic unfolding.

The United Earth logo has been a hot topic since the inception of the COM21 and continues to this day. Honestly, how can a small group of people expect to design a logo for humanity's biggest intentional unification and collaboration in human history on their own? Not likely. Therefore we have decided to create a simple, generic and temporary logo. The idea being, that the United Earth logo will be our first collectively designed and chosen co-creation. Design offerings are open until November 8th, two weeks before The United Earth Global Unleashing on November 22, 2015, and everyone is invited to participate in co-creation of the logo. Designs will be posted on the website where all UE community members can "like", comment and make suggestions. On the United Earth facebook page we will also create an event for each submission allowing for the same feedback possibilities. Then, on November 8th we will put our website's direct democracy application Liquidfeedback (see below) to the test and decide together which logo will represent our United Earth. Of course we may also decide that a new logo can be chosen after 6 months. The choices are ours to co-create and make together!

The Name: United Earth

Choosing the name has also been quite a challenge. After considering a wide variety of options and variations (we had a recurring discussion about whether or not to use "A" United Earth, hence what you see in the video) and even no name, we decided to go with United Earth, feeling that it has the most universal appeal. We hope you find it adequate. Of course, if enough people call for an alternative we can always use our liquid feedback to review that. Ultimately, it's not so much about the name, but what the name is pointing to.


Objective 1: To invite and facilitate an intentional unification among all the millions of people and thousands of groups working for environmental protection & stewardship, social justice & innovation, Indigenous rights & culture, personal development etc. By exemplifying our capacity to put aside our differences and collaborate for the greater good of all, we will progressively inspire more and more people to join in, learn about and co-create a human culture of harmony, diversity and abundance.

Note: Uniting is essentially a choice that we each need to make for ourselves and as a collective. Once the vast majority of humanity have agreed to unite around our common intention we will have actualised the vital first step towards our conscious collective cultural shift.

Objective 2: Through our unparalleled and ground-breaking unification we will effectively attract global mainstream attention to the wealth of existing intelligent and alternative models and solutions - as well as the living examples - of how we can co-create a more beautiful and abundant world for everyone.

Note: Each of the Objectives & Milestones will be marked by the COM21- which are scheduled to coincide with the COP21 in Paris, France on December 5th & 6th, 2015.

Objective 3: By collectively demonstrating and promoting the wisdom, intelligence and practical innovation that is flourishing within our Human Family, we aspire to co-create, disseminate and implement a clear and lucid plan of how humanity can progressively and peacefully transition from our current failing systems into new paradigm models that truly serve The People and The Earth.

Common Ground

Recognising and honouring our common ground is essential to building unity. Our common ground is where all our shared values, needs and aspirations converge in clear resonance.

Suggested guidelines for our common ground are:

Core Aspirations

  • Urgent ecological protection, preservation and restoration.
  • Ensuring the basic human rights of food, water, shelter and energy for EVERYONE.
  • The protection of all Indigenous cultures and lands.
  • Embracing personal sovereignty and cultural & spiritual diversity.
  • Fundamental political and economic reform based on ecological and social responsibility, localisation, direct democracy, transparency and accountability.

Core Understandings

  • Hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of groups around the world are actively creating “a more beautiful world.”
  • Within this diverse and inspiring movement we have inherited and developed a vast array of grass-root solutions to solve most/all of the world's problems.
  • These solutions and alternative models do not fit into the old system due to an inherent conflict of interest i.e. Profit vs. Planet, Power vs. Welfare, Competition vs. Cooperation etc.
  • Meanwhile we are also witnessing escalating levels of disenchantment and civil unrest within the mainstream. Alternative possibilities remain widely unknown due to corporate media control. Most people cooperate with the status quo because they believe they have no other choice.
  • A conscious transition towards a life-sustaining society will be rooted in cross-cultural collaboration and mainstreaming ecological & cultural (re-)education.

United Earth and Organisations

A Win-Win Situation

Being an open and equality-based platform United Earth equally welcomes all groups that wish to co-create on the basis of UE's objectives. In light of Objective #2, as United Earth gains momentum and numbers we will attract more and more attention - not only to our unification, but especially to the multitude of solutions, innovations and ideas for positive change, as well as the groups that are developing and promoting them. The United Earth website will soon have a page that will showcase a different allied group each day. This, in turn encourages allied groups to also promote United Earth through their networks. Thus we all begin to support each other, all the while bringing our unique contributions into the field of public awareness.

Respecting Autonomy

A common concern for organisations (and some people) is that when they "join" another group, movement or network etc. they are somehow compromising or relinquishing their identity, their work, their focus or their achievements. In this respect the intention of the United Earth platform was eloquently expressed by one of the co-creators from

I have an image of a small group of people working to put out the flames of a burning building, thinking they are alone, working in silo, when suddenly previously invisible brothers and sisters appear with hoses and buckets - working alongside each other in their millions... this is what we are ultimately aiming to do. By providing a framework. Not seen as trying to absorb the many movements under one 'Mother movement' but to link and integrate with each other in harmony towards our collective goal of a new ecologically restorative, socially just and spiritually fulfilling world.

Different Relationships

United Earth, as with all groups, will develop different relationships with different groups according to our resonance and capacity to support each other. Two groups that began co-creating with UE almost from its inception are Noomap and Earth Dollar, mainly because these groups can provide valuable technology and resources for the development of the UE platform. Still, UE remains completely open to collaborating with other groups from the same field. We are all here to explore and celebrate our highest collective and co-creative potential, free from old paradigms of competition and intellectual property.

The Challenge

By inviting the full spectrum of communities, organisations, tribes, networks, movements, alliances etc. to one common meeting space, we are also inviting the full spectrum of human behaviour patterns and mental preconceptions to come and be tested. For millennia humankind have been living according to the survival of the fittest or competition paradigm. Our capacity to work together as respectful equals has not been exemplified or prioritised in the "development" of our culture. The opening line of The Whirling Rainbow prophecy (as shown upon landing on the UE website) states that There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. This is mostly our single biggest challenge- as individuals and as a collective. Some would simply call it ego. United Earth will attract thousands our groups. Most you will probably like, some you may not. Ultimately, our capacity to join hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children rests on our humility and our maturity to leave aside our personal prejudices, agendas and ideologies for the greater potential of our unified collaboration.

The Future of United Earth

We envision the evolution of United Earth much like the establishment of a food forest. In the beginning it requires a lot of work; research (communication & promotion) design (planning & networking), implementation (collaboration & coordination). And within a matter of a few years Nature takes her own course into a self-regulating, de-centralised, mutually-supportive and inter-dependent system that just becomes more diverse and abundant without any maintenance.

Our Vision for the United Earth Digital Platform

As a planetary meeting ground for global unity and collaboration for a whole-systems transformation of human society we foresee the United Earth digital platform as a global “syntropy engine”- a synergistic networking and resource map- to be hosting three main areas of activity: Unity, Collaboration and Education. Currently United Earth is in close co-creationship with Noomap- “a whole systems holonic innovation which will catalyze the greatest game of co-creation on the planet.” Here are some prospective ideas and tools as well as some that have already been developed within the alliance:


  • A global community counter of people and groups wishing to work together. This is also a key for attracting mainstream attention and interest.
  • An integrated appropriate social network.
  • An overview and calendar of global actions, events and celebrations related to A United Earth, conscious living and cultural transition.


  • A global synergistic resource Noomap, which includes a directory of groups, communities, organisations and networks categorised according to their areas of focus (we are hoping to revive the directory for this purpose).
  • Individuals and groups that connect globally and locally can instantly and make use of the cutting-edge communication, coordination and collaboration technologies that we are gathering.
  • This map also profiles every person who wishes to share any ideas, visions, services and /or goods with the collective.
  • Platform matches people and projects to resources through semantic web by making recommendations and performing relevant "matchmaking".
  • The platform can essentially “gamify” change by giving everyone an avatar and presenting a gaming interface for change. This is designed especially to draw the youth.


  • Education is the primary vehicle for change. Therefore we are creating a solutions portal to a Noomap-wiki directory that converges the global databases cataloguing all information related to transition research and development. From ecological solutions to indigenous knowledge & wisdom to social innovations to alternative political & economic models this globally co-created directory will channel open-source tools, designs, videos, forums, e-workbooks, articles and case studies for the complete range of social, economic and ecological conditions.
  • A Noomap to create data visualizations that can be filtered in many different ways. The data visualization would provide a unified and real-time look at the current state of planetary health, the vital signs. The data visualization would contain all planetary boundaries.
  • Local workshops, seminars, conferences and actions will be announced and coordinated through this platform.
  • Local groups can easily connect to any locally available mentors, trainers, facilitators, mediators etc.
  • A media platform for sharing all global and local news- directly from the source and peer reviewed.

Our Collective Vision for Change

The ideas below offer basic indicators that are intended to reflect current popularly recognised “best practices” within the social change and ecological stewardship movements. Naturally these will develop and become more detailed as United Earth grows. Clearly no single practice or methodology is appropriate for all people, communities or ecological conditions. Thus we imagine co-creating a “planetary menu” of local-specific, practical tools, strategies, possibilities and mentors that each community can democratically choose for themselves.

Ecological Protection & Stewardship

We are bringing all effective ecological solutions and innovative restoration strategies to the forefront of public education and awareness. Through the widespread implementation of whole-systems practices such as indigenous knowledge systems, permaculture design, natural farming, agro-forestry, holistic land management, water retention landscapes, zero waste, renewable energy and appropriate technology, we are actively working with Nature to heal our biosphere. From sustainability we move towards a flourishing of all life on out planet, in which our actions support that process, rather than prevent further damages.

Indigenous Peoples

We collectively recognise and declare all Indigenous territories and cultural heritage as World heritage. Indigenous wisdom and knowledge underpins our cultural re-education and our re-connection to Mother Earth. Sacred plant medicine is honoured and used with respect- often guided through indigenous ceremony.

Spiritual Awakening

We are creating a human culture that celebrates spiritual diversity- where time, facilities and guidance for any chosen practice is readily available. We foresee a human society where realising inner and outer peace and harmony is at the heart of our individual and our collective endeavour. A common meeting ground is our reverence for life and the sacredness of Nature.

Social Change

Our first collective priority and responsibility is to ensure that the basic human rights of healthy food, clean water, comfortable shelter and renewable energy are met by everyone. By combining local knowledge systems with new innovations, communication tools and intelligent design & management we are collectively engaging in localised and participatory transition strategies- mostly by using existing infrastructures. Transition Towns, Ecovillages and Traditional villages provide a wealth of tools, practices, experiences and living examples for creating resilient, vibrant and diverse communities. Ultimately we are shaping a culture wherein each person is free to follow their passion and fully express their unique creativity without financial and legal restrictions (provided no harm is committed).

Direct Democracy

Like our economic, legal and social reform, our new political structures prioritise the welfare of The People and the Planet. Consequently, like all aspects of intelligent reform, we are bringing politics back to the local level, using collective and participatory decision-making tools like direct democracy and e-democracy. For large populations councils and representatives are still elected, but their role is understood as facilitators who administer and implement of the will of The People. All votes and financial accounts are transparently available for everyone to see. Each neighbourhood, town, village and community is free to choose their own collective stewardship and decision-making structure.

Sacred Economics

The basis of our economic reform is to transition towards local, circular economies that prioritise social and ecological responsibility. Progressive transition strategies facilitate a collective “weaning” from the old consumer culture to one of responsible use and voluntary simplicity. Now goods that are being produced are necessarily high quality, durable and fully recyclable. Many societies are moving towards moneyless, gift and resource based economies. Within this evolving economic (hybrid) paradigm - sometimes referred to as the sharing economy, the collaborative economy, the peer to peer economy, the gift economy; the digitization of value is also emerging as low cost OS opportunities present themselves and the value relationship with technical and biological nutrients evolves. citizens - referred to as consumers by the linear industrial economic system are emerging as ‘prosumers’ with a direct relationship in the making, producing and sharing of goods and services. This under the motto: ‘I do what I can, and I take what I need.’

Natural Law

As free and equal people we recognise personal sovereignty as the basis for all common laws and agreements. Man-made laws are reduced to a collective understanding and practice of Natural Law- basically Do no harm. We understand that for freedom to not fall into chaos we must each take personal responsibility for the welfare and harmony of all.

Appropriate Technology

Through our Noomap Synergy Engine ethical scientists, researchers and inventors from around the world are now finding each other effortlessly and collaborating effectively to research and develop holistic and ecologically sound technological solutions for all our requirements. Now we are creating tools and apparatuses that are high-quality, long-lasting and made from fully recyclable and non-toxic materials. Finally this vast area of creative innovation is no longer in service to the economic machine of destruction and heedless consumerism, but rather in service to restoring our biosphere and raising the quality of life for all by also freeing more time for leisure, creativity, spiritual practice and building meaningful relationships.


By collectively focussing on healing our environment and re-building our communities we realise our capacity to create a culture of abundance that comes from sharing and working together- with each other and with Nature. By creating prosperous local communities international conflicts have become obsolete. Learning the art of empathy, conflict transformation and compassionate communication is now a fundamental aspect of our collective education for all ages.

Conscious Living

Learning to live in harmony with each other, our fellow creatures and our planetary home is now our collective priority. Our universal values are now easily brought into practice by creating a human society that actually supports our conscious evolution. Together we are sharing our insights, knowledge and experiences around such elements as conscious consumerism, voluntary simplicity & responsible abundance, natural medicine & healing, conscious communication, intentional conception & natural birthing, conscious parenting & inspirational and practical learning. And we certainly create and seize every opportunity to celebrate our joy of living in a free and kind world through festivals, rituals and sacred ceremonies!

A Global Transition Plan

- a starting point

First Draft (please add your ideas through the comments)


This “plan” is crystallizing around the recognition that most of the cultural and ecological problems that we face are inherently systemic. Therefore, for people to find a harmonious balance within ourselves, each other, and our natural environment, will require a fundamental re-design of all our social systems. Fortunately, through movements such as Transition Towns and the political and economic reform that is happening in Iceland, Ecuador and Costa Rica, we now have living examples of how large groups of people can progressively and effectively change our ways to create systems that actually reflect our values and aspirations - all while building vibrant and resilient communities and honouring the rights of Nature.

Today, as climate change becomes an international concern, spurred by books like This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein, we are witnessing a growing understanding of the relationship between our ecological (and social) degradation and our economic system. At most demonstrations these days we consistently see banners that say “Let’s Change the System - Not the Climate” and “To Change Everything It Will Take Everyone.” These two slogans essentially sum up the primary objective, or “meta-driver” for United Earth. To realise an endeavour as colossal as re-designing our social systems that have become deeply encrusted into our way of life, it will surely require a monumental collaborative effort that transcends all cultural, spiritual, political and economic boundaries.

And it all begins with unity. This is an invitation for all humanity to intentionally come together around the purpose of “changing everything” - which essentially means, building a peaceful, just, healthy and abundant world for everyone. The United Earth vision emerges through the foresight that when a significant proportion of all the people and groups, who are creating a better world, will unite for a shared purpose, it will inspire a wave of unification throughout all the groups and movements creating the more beautiful world. From there, our collective message of intelligent cultural reform, that highlights numerous ecological solutions and alternative economic and political models, will spread across the planet igniting the hearts and imaginations of millions of people who can see the system isn’t serving our welfare or that of the planet.

By walking the path we make it visible for others. - Chief Phil Lane Jr.

United Earth is just being born. Our family of intentional unifiers and collaborators is still incomparably small to what it will soon become. What follows is an example of what our Global Transition Plan might look like. While we aspire to reflect some of the most visionary, innovative and pragmatic ideas, views and transition strategies on the planet today, we recognise that this proposal is merely an embryo of the planetary transformation that needs to be gestated, birthed and co-created by all of us, equally and together.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. - Henry David Thoreau

An Emergent Plan

With our human resources organised and primed for action, our digital and mobile collaboration and communication tools functioning optimally, and abundant finances at-the-ready, we collectively and intentionally enter a well-designed, progressive Global Transition Plan. We imagine that by this time most of the world’s governments will have aligned (willingly or unwillingly) with the will of The People and thus will be fully supportive and integrated into our collaborative efforts.

The Global Transition Plan will be carried out in five primary dimensions of Ecological, Social, Economic, Technological and Worldview - recognising that what is good for one must be good for all. The details and timelines will emerge as we collaborate ever more effectively.

Priority #1

Our first priority as a Unified Human Family will to ensure the basic human needs of healthy food, clean water, comfortable shelter and clean energy are met by everyone - throughout the transition phase and beyond into abundance for all. This work will be a profoundly inspiring, healing and bonding; and will be realised by mobilising and deploying teams of permaculturists, transitioners, ecovillagers, natural builders, community builders, social architects, nonviolent communication educators, other relevant experts and hundreds of thousands of goodwill volunteers to collaborate with local NGO's while using and improving existing tools and infrastructures.


Phase 1 Halting all environmentally destructive activity Urgently phasing out animal factory farms Transitioning industrial agriculture into large scale agro-ecological farms Up-scaling urban and sub-urban food production Maximising low-input, land-based water retention Up-scaling renewable energy and appropriate technology research, development and distribution. Urgently down-scaling fossil fuel extraction and consumption Biogas production - from household up to urban-scale Gathering, sorting, recycling and upcycling all land and water-based waste.

Phase 2 Phasing out all fossil fuels and minimizing mineral extraction and consumption Realising 100% clean and renewable energy globally. Building water-retention landscapes wherever appropriate Implementing natural and quantum water purification strategies Implement anti-desertification strategies and commence re-greening degraded landscapes and deserts. Wild animal - especially sea creature - populations are actively restored Create urban and sub-urban food forests Creating a global-to-local network of heirloom seed-banks that freely provide a vast variety of seeds for all. Eliminating all genetically contaminated organisms Eliminating all toxic materials and residues with the help of fungi, Effective Micro-organisms, quantum transmutation etc.


Creating an international system of social organisation that is based on mutual support, resource sharing and transparent, direct-democracy for the purposes of facilitating, coordinating and synergising our collective transition at the global and local levels. Mainstreaming relevant education through the Internet and the television around subjects like ecological awareness, localisation, zero waste, conscious consumerism, Natural Law, voluntary simplicity, planetary boundaries & natural family planning, re-skilling etc. When most people realise the monumental wealth of inspiring and practical knowledge that is readily available, they will become progressively inspired to self-educate. Sharing the most relevant work of growing food and providing vital goods and services at the local level. Re-designing healthcare systems that synergize the most effective and complementary innovations in modern medicine with natural medicine and quantum healing. Elders are respectfully re-integrated into society, valued for their contributions to life, their wisdom will be sought out. Designing and creating inspiring and free learning environments for children. Bringing the journey pregnancy, birthing and child care into the new (and ancient) paradigm and practices. Learning the value of compassionate communication. Constructing and retrofitting urban, suburban and rural Transition Research & Education Centres (TRECs). Creating self-organising, zero waste, resilient and vibrant communities, villages and towns. Voluntarily re- populating the country-side that is flourishing with activity and culture while bringing city populations down to sustainable levels.


Secure a Universal Basic Income for every human being 16 years and older Implementing a 20 hour work-week as many jobs will be obsolete due to their ecologically harmful nature Tax business and corporations according to their ecological and social responsibility. Evolve cryptocurrencies, local currencies and community exchange systems Developing thriving zero-growth, local, circular and resource-based economies. Transition into moneyless communities


Developing appropriate technology that raises our quality of life and enhances our biosphere. Transport becomes 100% clean and international product exchange is limited to a matter of necessity. All production becomes environmentally sound, free of any toxic ingredients. Products are designed for durability, repairability and fully recyclable.


Promoting cultural and spiritual diversity and inter-cultural exchange. Traditional and indigenous skills, crafts and knowledge systems are preserved, restored and integrated. Creating Cultural Development Centres (CDCs) where people can find resources and guidance in adapting their skills and interests towards serving our Global Transition. While TRECs focus more on ecological and economic dimensions, CDCs focus more on the cultural and social dimensions, yet both are holistic and interconnected. CDCs provide open labs for people to explore and develop their passions, talents, creative expression, communication skills and self-awareness.

Welcome to the New Earth

Aspirations that we continue to cooperatively work towards using the wisdom, tools and skills that we have gathered… as prophesied by many cultures)

All life and the miracle of Creation is celebrated. We have learned how to see, hear and act in a sacred manner. All political boundaries are dissolved, creating one immensely diverse, yet undivided Human Family. All people share equal rights and status Women and men are equal partners in the entire flourishing domain of human affairs. All children are safe anywhere they want to go. In full conscious co-creation with Nature our biosphere thrives, providing abundant food for all the Earth’s creatures. All rivers and streams are drinkable and run crystal clear. Recreation and work become synonymous; with ample time for relaxation, playing with the children and building meaningful relationships. Money or material wealth are seldom thought or spoken about. Arts and culture flourish like never before. Technology has developed to responsibly provide for all our communications, travel, physical comforts and conveniences.

And so our children will grow and live happy and free in a vibrant, diverse, uncomplicated, humane and abundant world. And as they grow they will begin to comprehend the profound significance of our truly epic and timely global collaboration to consciously and collectively rise from the ashes of domination and destruction. Yet they will only be able to imagine what an incredible privilege it was for us to be alive on planet Earth during this fleeting window of astronomical opportunity.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

– Arundhati Roy

Decision-making Process

Currently our decisions are present consensus-based- which means a consensus by all who choose to participate in a particular topic or question. As United Earth grows we foresee that the global decisions- those that determine our collective direction and actions- will be facilitated through a transparent and direct democratic process. For this and other purposes our alliance includes a team that incorporates and develops appropriate web and mobile tools and applications. We will soon install a direct democracy tool on the website called Liquid Feedback to facilitate our collective decision-making process.

For now, until United Earth has gained wide-spread recognition and participation throughout the social change movement, we intend to grow our steering-group to 50 active people and implement a sociocratic structure of mutually-supportive autonomy for each branch of focus. Naturally, everyone is free to present ideas, questions and feedback within our United Earth alliance and all steering-group decisions will be transparent and open to review.

Ultimately we envision United Earth becoming a global platform for communication, collaboration, coordination, education and mobilisation around all matters relating to our Global Transition. Through the United Earth platform we can co-create actions and events ranging from the global to the local level. Thus the percentage of democratic majority can be adjusted according to the size of the group i.e. 90% up to 20 people, 80% up to 2000 people, 70% up to 20 million... As we choose.

Our Finances

In our current money-based economic system we still need some cash to do the work we do. Aside from out-of-pocket expenses for the website for some team members United Earth is a full-time commitment and we would love to support this with appropriate stipends. Accordingly, we will soon be launching a crowd-funding campaign to provide United Earth with the financial freedom we need to achieve our collective and numerous pioneering goals.

Currently there we have a team working a cryptocurrency called The Earth Dollar.

We are committed to opening all UE accounts to complete transparency via the website.

Collaboration Tools used

We are using several different tools for our distributed collaboration. If you are new and having problems getting started to use Mumble or Slack to communicate with us don't hesitate to contact us and we will help out!


Mumble is a team audio chat service that is optimized for exactly this: audio teleconferencing with several participants. We have a Mumble server running on

Please read the Mumble setup page to get up and running.


Slack is a team chat service with client apps for almost every platform including mobile. We are using Slack with its ability to have many different channels to maintain focused team chats for our different task groups. If you want to join our Slack team you need an invitation which you will get shortly after emailing us.

Coming soon!: Noomap

Google Docs

We are using Google Docs for many specific tasks.

All documents can be find in our G drive. Please add any new document to this list.


We started using Redmine to keep track of our tasks. An invitation is needed here, too.

Please send us an email.