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Mumble is a team audio chat service that is optimized for exactly this: audio teleconferencing with several participants.


We keep having glitches with Google Hangout and also we are reaching the limit of 10 people max. Mumble requires much less bandwidth and has no build-in user limit. It’s main drawback is that it requires installation of a client software. This is why we have this installation manual.

How to install and setup Mumble for United Earth

  • Install the client: There are downloads for every major OS, even for Android and iOS
  • Add a new server connection
    1. Label can be anything you like
    2. Adress is
    3. Port should already be prefilled with its correct value (64738)
    4. Username is name others see on the server
  • In order to prevent feedback loops and poor audio quality, it is best to configure Mumble in way that you need to push a button if you want the mic to turn on. With the desktop client, you have to go to the settings window and under ‘Audio Input’ you switch ‘transmit’ to ‘Push to Talk’. And then under Shortcuts you need to click ‘Add’, choose ‘Push to Talk’ in the function column and last click in the shortcut column and then press shift once. Now shift is your push-to-talk button that you need to hold while speaking.

Mobile Mumble

There are Mumble client Apps for Android and iOS. With these, we could log in to the server even on the go. So if you have a Android or iOS phone, give it a try!